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Units & Measures

Wolfram|Alpha finds and converts values for a wide variety of units, measures and scales. Find information and convert between standard industrial measures, scales used in science and everyday life and many others.


Examine unit values and conversions between different units.

Get information about and conversions for a unit:

Get unit conversions for a quantity:

Convert to a specified unit:

Do a calculation with units:

Compare two quantities:

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Industrial Measures & Standards

Convert industrial measures used for wires, screws, bolts and other objects to common units.

Get information about a wire gauge:

Get dimensions of a screw or bolt:

Compute the volume of paint required to cover an area:

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Physical Quantities

Retrieve detailed data on physical quantities and dimensionless quantities. Determine dimensionless combinations of physical quantities.

Get information about a physical quantity:

Compare physical quantities:

Compute a dimensionless quantity:

Get information about a theorem in dimensional analysis:

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Measurement Devices

Associate physical quantities with the devices used to measure them.

Discover how to measure different physical properties:

Discover what different devices measure:

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Fashion Sizes

Convert footwear and jewelry sizes to sizes used in other countries.

Compute ring size equivalents:

Convert ring size to a specified system:

Compute shoe size equivalents:

Convert shoe size to a specified system:

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  • Display Formats
  • Engineering
  • Gas Marks
  • Knitting Needle Sizes
  • Material Hardness
  • Physics
  • SI Units
  • Tire Sizes
  • Packing & Covering of Objects

    Estimate the number of objects needed to cover or fill a given region.

    Estimate the number of objects required to fill a container:

    Estimate the number of objects required to cover a specified area:

    Estimate the number of objects required to circle another object:

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