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Kinematics describes the motion of points, bodies and systems of bodies without consideration of the forces that caused the motion. The field also includes the motion of celestial bodies and collections of such bodies. Wolfram|Alpha provides a variety of formulas and computations covering both areas of study from the effects of gravitation to elastic collisions.


Calculate the motion of point particles absent outside forces.

Compute momentum:

Find equations of particle motion:

Rocket Motion

Calculate the details of the motion of rockets and orbital maneuvers of spacecraft.

Analyze motion of a rocket:

Compute the time to make orbital maneuvers:


Compute the gravitational field of objects, the force of gravitation and the effects of gravity on motion.

Do a gravitation calculation:

Find equations associated with the two-body problem:

Compute time to fall:

Compute work done against gravity:

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Compute the final states of elastic collisions between particles.

Analyze an elastic collision in one dimension:

Analyze an elastic collision in two dimensions: