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Political Geography

Wolfram|Alpha contains extensive information about the geography and demographics of countries, administrative divisions, cities, school districts and more. Find the land area of Oregon, per capita income in Boston or the GDP of Russia. Determine the congressional district for Denver or find school districts in New York.


Explore detailed socioeconomic and geographic properties of countries.

Get information about a country:

Request a class of information about a country:

Rank countries:

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Analyze comprehensive data about cities worldwide.

Get information about a city:

Compare several cities:

Do computations with city and country properties:

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School Districts

Find and compare data about US public school districts.

Get information about a US public school district:

Request a specific property of a school district:

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US District Courts

Look into data on US district courts by location or case type.

Find information about a US District Court:

Specify types of cases in district courts:

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Administrative Divisions

Research and compare data on US states and other regions and territories around the world.

Get information about an administrative division:

Get information about a US state:

Compare several counties:

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Metropolitan & Urban Areas

Examine data grouped by US metro and urban areas.

Get information about a metropolitan area:

Look up particular facts for an urban area:

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US Neighborhoods

Explore socioeconomic and geographic data about US neighborhoods.

Get information about a neighborhood:

Request a property of a US neighborhood:

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  • Wolfram Geography
  • US Congressional Districts

    Get US congressional district information.

    Get information about a congressional district:

    Find a district with geographic features:

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    ZIP Codes

    Locate, compare and look up ZIP Codes.

    Locate a ZIP Code:

    Compare ZIP Codes:

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