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Journey into the known with handy travel information from Wolfram|Alpha. Find weather forecasts, travel time estimates, up-to-date flight tracking information and nearby attractions to your vacation destination or plan for a permanent move with cost-of-living and salary comparisons with your current home city.


Pack with confidence by checking the current meteorological conditions and forecasts for your destinations.

Ask for the current weather or forecasts around the globe:

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Gasoline Prices

Calculate fuel costs for your trip using data on pricing for different gasoline types and quantities.

Get gasoline prices for every stop on your trip:

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Travel Distances

Map out your trip and calculate travel distances and times for different forms of transportation, around the globe or within a city.

Estimate the distance and time to travel between destinations:

Cost of Living

Plan for long-term travel or an upcoming move with salary and expense comparisons across US cities.

Calculate how life might change using cost-of-living data:

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Points of Interest

Locate additional sites to see near your vacation destination or look up specs on specific points of interest you plan to visit.

From national parks to amusement parks, find or compare attractions near your destinations:

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  • Institutions & Organizations
  • Political Geography
  • Flight Data

    Make informed choices when booking your flights using data on past and present flights, which can be found by number, location or airline.

    Check past, current or upcoming flight information:

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