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Wire Gauges

Wires come in a variety of sizes and are made from many different materials including copper, nickel and aluminum. The diameter of a wire is specified by standard gauges in several different systems. Standard gauges are specified by numbers that vary from one system to another. Among the gauge systems in common use are the American wire gauge (AWG), Standard wire gauge (SWG), Washburn & Moen, and Stubs Iron or Birmingham.

Wire Gauges

The properties of a specific wire gauge can be found for a number of different gauge systems.

Get American wire gauge measurements:

Get Imperial Standard wire gauge measurements:

Specify a Stubs Iron wire gauge:

Specify a Washburn & Moen wire gauge:

Equivalent Sizes

A specified wire gauge can be compared to other gauges such as drill bits and hypodermic needle gauges.

Find the drill to make a hole for a given size of wire:

Find the nearest hypodermic needle size for a wire gauge:


Additional wire gauge properties can be found by specifying the material that the wire is made from.

Specify wire gauge and material:

Specify wire gauge, material and length:


  • Drill Bits
  • Hypodermic Needles