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Search Wolfram|Alpha for different structures ranging from dams to castles to amusement parks. Now you can find the location and interesting facts about hundreds of manmade structures in the world.


Look up facts about buildings, such as the Empire State Building, and compare details with other buildings.

Get information about a building:

Compare several buildings:

Do computations with building properties:

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Locate theaters around the world.

Get information about a theater:

Compare properties of theaters:


Compare details of various dams around the world.

Get information about a dam:

Compare several dams:

Do computations with dam properties:

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US Mines

Find out structural details about mines in the United States.

Get information about a US mine:

Find US mines with specified properties:

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Find out structural details of different castles.

Get information about a castle:

Compare several castles:

Find castles with specified characteristics:

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Compare structural components of different bridges.

Get information about a bridge:

Compare several bridges:

Do computations with bridge properties:

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Find out details about canals, such as the Panama Canal.

Get information about a canal:

Compare properties of canals:

Amusement Parks & Rides

Locate various amusement parks around the world.

Compare properties of amusement parks:

Compare properties of amusement park rides:

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  • Airports
  • Historic Sites
  • Nuclear Power
  • Points of Interest
  • Tunnels

    Look up details about tunnels in your state.

    Get information about a tunnel:

    Compare several tunnels:

    Do computations with tunnel properties:

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    Oil Rigs

    Locate and compare different oil rigs.

    Get information about an oil rig:

    Find oil rigs in an area:

    Do calculations with oil rig data:

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