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Land Features

With a vast amount of data for hundreds of thousands of landforms around the world, Wolfram|Alpha can compute answers to countless questions about land features. Compare the average heights of the world's longest mountain ranges, search for the population density of a tropical island, compute the ratio between the area and maximum elevation of a glacier, look up the most recent volcanic eruptions around the world and much more.


Delve into extensive facts about mountains and mountain ranges around the world.

Get information about a mountain:

Compare several mountains:

Do computations with mountain properties:

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Locate a notable beach or analyze its weather forecast.

Get information about a beach:

Look up a property of a beach:

Find beaches near a city:


Search for information about deserts, such as size, location and type.

Get information about a desert:

Do computations using desert properties:

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Look up a forest or compare forests around the globe.

Get information about a forest:

Compare forests:

Find forests meeting given criteria:


Look up a volcano or search for volcanic eruptions by location and date.

Get information about a volcano:

Compare volcanoes:

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Look up islands and archipelagos or compare them by size, population or elevation.

Get information about an island:

Get information about a group of islands:

Do computations with island properties:

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Impact Craters on Earth

Find impact craters on Earth and compare them by size, location and age.

Get information about an impact crater on Earth:

Do computations with crater properties:

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  • Natural Satellite Surface Features
  • Planet Surface Features
  • Water Features
  • Glaciers

    Research detailed statistics about notable glaciers on every continent.

    Get information about a glacier:

    Find glaciers meeting a given criteria:

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    Investigate a cave or find caverns near you.

    Get information about a cave:

    Search for caves in a given country:

    Do computations with cave properties: