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Energy Data

Whether it's global trends in renewable energy consumption or detailed statistics about the nearest nuclear power plant, Wolfram|Alpha has reliable data about the global energy industry. Compare oil production between countries, analyze historical electricity and gasoline prices in the US and more.

Energy Resources

Investigate and compare the energy resources for a country.

Get data on energy resources:

Compare energy sources for a country:

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Gasoline Prices

Get the prices for different grades of gasoline.

Get gasoline price data:

Specify a grade of gasoline:

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Energy Prices

Examine the price for a type of energy and compute the cost for a specified quantity.

Get energy price data:

Compute the cost for a specified quantity:

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Nuclear Power

Find out more information about nuclear power as an energy resource.

Get data on a nuclear power station:

Get energy production data for a reactor:

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  • Carbon Footprints
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  • Oil Rigs

    Learn more about oils rigs near you.

    Get information about an oil rig:

    Find oil rigs in an area:

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