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Dates & Anniversaries

Do you need to check what day of the week it will be four years from today or what type of present to get for your friend's 23rd wedding anniversary? Just ask Wolfram|Alpha for information about the important dates and anniversaries in your life.

Calendar Information

Get calendar information or convert to another calendar system.

Find information about a specific week, month or year:

Time Zone Calculations

When in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Get information about a time zone:

Find the current time in a specified city:

Compare the local time in several cities:

Convert a specified time to local time:

Convert time in one time zone to another:


Investigate dates of civic and religious holidays.

Find the date of a holiday:

Calculate how many days until a holiday or whether a holiday is on a certain date:

Discover when the next specific non-traditional holiday will happen:

Time Math

Add or subtract time and figure out how many days/hours/minutes between times.

Add and subtract dates and times:

Get information about a specific day:


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    Find out information about what happened or will happen on a certain date or how to celebrate a certain date.

    Figure out when an event will happen:

    Discover wedding anniversary information:

    Find birthstones and birth flowers:

    Explore births and deaths by date or by person: