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Words & Linguistics

Whether you're wanting to learn more about languages of the world or find the perfect word to use in Scrabble®, Wolfram|Alpha provides computational insights into how we communicate. In addition to dictionary-style information for tens of thousands of English words, Wolfram|Alpha contains linguistic data for thousands of languages, character encodings and even emoticons. Use Wolfram|Alpha to find the meaning of a word, translate a word into other languages, discover how frequently a word appeared in classic literature and much more.

Word Properties

Look up definitions, synonyms, translations and other properties of a word.

Find definitions and other properties of a word:

Find the definition of a word:

Look up synonyms of a given word:

Learn what an acronym stands for:

Translate an English word into other languages:

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Learn more about other languages, find languages spoken in your country or translate a word between different languages.

Get information about a language:

Compare multiple languages:

Find languages spoken in a country:

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Use Wolfram|Alpha to transliterate a word into letters of a different alphabet.

Transliterate a word or phrase into Greek letters:

Number Names

Spell out the English name for a number or specify a number by name.

Find the English name for a number:

Specify a number by name:

Specify math problems in words:

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Word Puzzles

Use Wolfram|Alpha as a tool for Scrabble®and other word puzzles.

Find anagrams of a word or phrase:

Calculate Scrabble® scores for a word and its subsets:

Find words matching a pattern:

Find rhyming words:

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Document Length

Use Wolfram|Alpha for word-count and document-length calculations.

Do document-length calculations:

Specify a language:

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Morse Code

Translate a word into or from Morse code.

Translate a string into Morse code:

Translate from Morse code:

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Character Encodings

Specify an ASCII or Unicode character, look up a character by its name or search for the keyboard layout for a specified language.

Look up a Unicode character:

Specify a range of Unicode characters:

Specify a character by name:

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Words Web App


  • Games & Puzzles
  • Names
  • Notable Texts

    Learn more about the words used in notable texts, including the total number of words, the most frequently used words and more.

    Find the most frequently capitalized words in a text:

    Analyze the readability of a novel:

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    Look up the Soundex code for a word or find the words for a specified Soundex code.

    Compute the Soundex code for a word or name:

    Find words with a given Soundex code:

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    Use Wolfram|Alpha to find information about emoticons.

    Find information about an emoticon: