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Wolfram|Alpha has the answers to your musical questions, with detailed information on popular music albums and performers, data on musical instruments from around the world and powerful computational music theory capabilities. Find composers of and release dates for popular songs, compute chord diagrams for piano and guitar, and much more.

Music Acts

Find information about music acts.

Get information about a music act:

Compare music acts:

Find music acts meeting given criteria:

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Explore songs by composer or release date.

Get information about a song:

Request specific information about a song:

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Musical Instruments

Explore and compare instrument pitch ranges and classifications.

Get information about an instrument:

Find properties of an instrument:

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Music Albums

Compare album release dates and tracklists.

Get information about a music album:

Request specific information about an album:

Compare albums:

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Music Theory

Compute scales, intervals and chords.

Compute the frequency and other properties of a musical note:

Specify the octave:

Calculate the note corresponding to a given frequency:

Identify several intervals:

Get information about a chord:

Specify a chord using lead sheet notation:

Get information about a key signature:

Get specific information about a key:

Get information about a scale:

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  • Academy Awards
  • Arts & Media
  • Entertainment
  • Movies
  • Radio Programs
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  • Audio Waveforms

    Generate sounds by specifying frequencies, waveforms or functions.

    Generate sound with a specified waveform:

    Superimpose multiple waveforms:

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