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Medical Computations

From nephrology to cardiopulmonary medicine, medical formulas are used to assess and predict physiological states of individuals. Wolfram|Alpha is capable of computing a wide range of physiological and health-related quantities, including blood oxygen level, creatinine clearance and peak expiratory flow.


Use the pregnancy calculator to estimate conception and due dates as well as fetal development.

Estimate conception and due dates:

Calculate fetal development:

General Clinical Medicine

Find formulas used in general clinical medicine. Compute the size of a catheter from the flow rate and pressure or find your free water deficit based on your body weight and serum sodium level.

Compute catheter radius from flow rate and other data:

Compute free water deficit:

Cardiopulmonary Medicine

Look up cardiovascular and respiratory formulas, including ventricular pumping rate, oxygen delivery rate, peak expiratory flow, respiratory quotient and oxygen index.

Estimate ventricular pumping rate:

Interactively calculate oxygen delivery rate:

Make expiratory calculations:

Compute a corrected QT interval:

Look up a formula and use it interactively:

Compute an oxygen index:


Use growth charts and other measurement data to compare the physical development of children. Find weight and height distributions or compute the projected growth of your child.

Use an interactive growth chart:

Calculate projected growth:

Compute pediatric tracheal tube size:

Blood Chemistry

Compute hemodynamics, such as plasma glucose, blood oxygen level, serum osmolarity and oxygen saturation, in the circulatory system.

Compute mean plasma glucose from HbA1c level:

Compute blood oxygen level:

Plot an oxygen saturation curve:

Look up the formula and compute with it interactively:


Assess kidney function using nephrology formulas that calculate peak urine flow rate and creatinine clearance.

Calculate peak urinary flow:

Calculate creatinine clearance:


Explore formulas to assess hormone levels. Free and bioavailable testosterone can be computed from serum albumin, testosterone and sex hormone–binding globulin levels.

Compute free and bioavailable testosterone:

Apgar Scores

An Apgar score is a measure of the overall condition of a newborn at birth. Skin color, heart rate, reflexes, muscle tone and respiration are criteria used for the scoring.

Compute an Apgar score from given characteristics:


  • Human Anatomy
  • Medical Tests
  • Emergency Medicine

    Estimate the physiological effect on your body from consuming alcoholic drinks, being in cold water or being exposed to windchill temperatures.

    Estimate the patient's blood alcohol content:

    Estimate cold water survival time:

    Estimate time to frostbite:


    Estimate the risk of ophthalmologic diseases. The intraocular pressure measurement is used to estimate the risk of glaucoma.

    Estimate a patient's glaucoma risk: